Saturday, 4 April 2009

All about the nose

Yesterday for the first time in about a year I was able to smell! It was expected after an operation that left me reeling from the anaesthetic rather than the op itself. But sinus are now clear, polyps gone and awaiting the combination of both smell and taste!

I had ran up 4 flights of stairs and yucked that someone had had a sneaky cigarette - then suddenly realised i SMELLED something! Then was overjoyed to realise small dog STANK desperately needed a bath! It was just fantastic that the bin in the kitchen was just GROSS!
I curiously went round the flat smelling each room - it was like breaking in to someone else's house. Strangest of all was smelling my hair and my jacket - I had no idea what I smelled like. Very strange to be unfamiliar with yourself.

With the operation and all i've been neglecting this blog some. And so in celebration of my new found sense of smell (I can't taste either but somehow smell is so much more exciting), here are my favourite things to smell:

Dan (and coffee!)

Wet wool when felting

Woodsmoke - preferably from wood burning stove



Slugs On The Refrigerator said...

yeah for smelling! And yes the world stinks!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - i told you that kitchen bin stinks.
Go smell a fresh pineapple - my fave.
You might have a renewed sense of memory - since they are so closely linked.
Here's some of my fave memory/smells -

You bought me a bubble bath for xmas when i was about 8 and occasionally i find that smell again - it's a rare one though.

When i wear the perfume Kingdom by Alaxander McQueen, i've just stepped out of the Commodore Hotel and it's a warm March morning in San Francisco.

At the cinema i get the first whiff of popcorn i remember the rough brown pads on Benjie's paws.
Hmm - doggie feet.

Anyhow let me know how yr nose gets on.
x x x